Welcome to PaloSauna!

PaloSauna is an idea of having a perfect sauna steam with ignoring the place you are. Behind the whole consept is eleven volunteer firefighters and one engineer. That's how it started, namely the thought to build a trailersauna. But not any ordinary barn-trailersauna. The point from the very beginning was that if you choose a theme, then it is better to take it to the end with honor. There is not any better firemen's sauna in the world!

PaloSauna is available for rent and it is a perfect way to enjoy a good sauna bath for example in a bachelor party, birthday party or other evening gatherings without forgetting summer festivals!

If you are interested in renting the sauna, please email us palosauna(at)palosauna.net. We can also spread a lot more information in english by email. You can also reach us by phonenumber +358 45 841 3101. Unfortunately at the moment we are not renting the PaloSauna.